Heroine's Journey to Wholeness


Stef Chuecos

I’m Stef a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, a passionate educator and a culinary enthusiast. 

I am on a mission to empower you to understand the roots of your discomforts, to take control of your gut health and to connect with your own uniqueness so that you can make simple, real, sustainable lifestyle changes to healthier happier you, little by little. 


Cami Carbone

Camila Carbone

I’m Camila, I enjoy creating and being in touch with everything related to living happily. Also, everything that is aesthetic, harmonious and connected with personal growth and evolution as well as the moon, as my inner guide, makes me feel happy.


An Opportunity to PAUSE, REEVALUATE & Get back to your True Self, into the Path of Wholeness


Do you spread yourself so thin to please everyone, but feel like you have NO time to take care of yourself? Don’t know how to look after yourself or you feel guilty just thinking about putting yourself first?


Reclaim your power at Heroine's Journey Retreat!

While for many years women were believed to not need to undergo any journey, Maureen Murdock took into account a woman’s neurobiology as well as her separate cultural history, and came up with “The Heroine’s Journey”, providing a great pathway into empowered womanhood.

We would like The Heroine’s Journey Retreat to be the place where we were meant to find our voices, reclaim our power and remember our self-worth.

“So many women having taken the hero’s journey, only to find it personally empty and dangerous for humanity. Women emulated the male heroic journey because there were no other images to emulate;”

― Maureen Murdock


Our sessions will be dedicated to each phase of the Heroine’s Journey and they will consist of:

Heroine's Journey

Brief Introduction of each phase


Arts and crafts, Breathing exercise, Easy Body Techniques, Meditations, Rituals to anchor, Creating personalized mixtures with Essential oils


An easy hike around a beautiful lake

Good vibes

Lots of laughs, good vibes and fun

Cooking class

Learning to make nurturing plant-based, seasonal, gluten-free, dairy-free and whole foods meals


What you’ll experience?

During our weekend retreat:

  • You’ll understand where you are in The Heroine’s Journey in different aspects of your life.
  • You’ll discover the source of your imbalances and disconnection with your true self.
  • You’ll be ready to identify your own adventure and answer the call.
  • You’ll learn techniques to identify within yourself the most important support system that is available to you 24/7.
  • You’ll unleash the trapped energy of your biggest fears to transform them into your allies.
  • You’ll create an unbreakable bond with your inner unconditional lover.
  • You’ll learn how to synchronize with the power of your own cycle, the cycles of nature and becoming one universe.
  • You’ll experience the power of nourishing, seasonal foods and revitalize your body.
  • You’ll recover the confidence, compassion to yourself and regain a healthy perspective on your life goals and dreams.



Your investment

The retreat will take place in a beautiful Lake House, situated in Greenwood Lake, NY only 1:45 min away from NYC. There is a beautiful lake view, 3 comfortable bedrooms, and 2 full bathrooms.

The gorgeous setting will give plenty of opportunities for enjoying nature and spending time outdoors.

Meditation, body and breathing techniques will help us connect with each of the phases of the journey.

We will enjoy home-cooked healthy meals – all the foods will be gut-healing recipes, gluten-free, dairy-free, seasonal, easy to digest.

You will participate in a cooking workshop to learn how to make a day’s meal to help with acid reflux (which is one of the causes of a very stressful disconnected life).

Transportation is an easy bus ride from Port Authority (the house is walking distance from the stop) or you can drive since there is plenty of space to park.

Check pictures of our accommodations here!

What you need to bring:

  • A yoga mat
  • Warm and comfortable clothes
  • Tennis shoes
  • An open mind and your best vibes!

Price Includes:

  • Sessions
  • 4 Handouts as a take away from each phase
  • A beautiful journal to record all of your experiences
  • A community of like-minded women willing to support and motivate each other in the process
  • Workshops and exercises
  • Art and craft materials
  • Accommodation
  • Delicious plant-based meals (2x breakfast, 2xlunch, 2x dinner, snacks)
  • Drinks (Elixirs and teas)

Price doesn’t include: Transportation


If you got this far, commit here and now not to ignore the opportunity to be an active participant in your happiness, the door is knocking, we know that you can do this because it is part of our blueprint, there is no way to fail – just answer the call, open the door!

Take your first step in The Heroine’s Journey!

When: March 20, 21 & 22, 2020

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  • Invesment: $297 per person (Individual Bed)
  • Bring a Friend: 2 x $500! (Queen/King Bed)
  • Bring a Friend: 2 x $400! (Sofa Bed)

We only have a limited amount of spots. Only 8! We want to create a very intimate but fun experience for all of you!


Refund policy

I want you to be happy with your Program so I offer a full refund minus a cancellation fee at the end of the WOMEN RETREAT – HEROINE’S JOURNEY. You may request a full refund if you have followed your protocol ( including all meals, homework, participated in the healthie app and group calls) for the entire duration of the program. You will need to send an e-mail explaining the reason that you are not satisfied to info@healthylittlebylittle.com


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