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I help busy, on-the-go professional women restore their gut health, so they can live their lives to the fullest.


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Healthy Little by Little - freebie Juices and Smoothies ebook

The Guide to Making the Right Smoothies and Juices and Recipes

Smoothies and juices can be an amazing tool to regain your health and nourish your body. Under the one condition though – it shouldn’t be a random combination of ingredients.

In my Guide to Making the Right Smoothies and Juices that Actually Work, I’ll share with you recipes and explain the rules of combining ingredients so you’ll be able to get creative yourself!

Healthy Little by Little - freebie Kick Out Your Coffee habit ebook

5 Days Guide to Kick out
Your Caffeine Habit

Many people can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee, yet it’s not good for most of us. Nervousness, sugar cravings, heartburn and dry skin are just a few negative effects it has on the body.

Join me in 5 Days No Coffee Challenge! In my eBook I’ll share with you my favorite alternatives, which will give you the taste of coffee without the side effects.


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Stef Chuecos - nutrition coach, founder of the Healthy Little by Little
Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert graduated with honors

I’m Stef, Your Holistic practitioner, digestive expert, and Your Number 1 Fan!

Hey lady!

I’m Stef, a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and a Culinary Nutrition Expert Instructor. I am passionate about working with motivated and busy women that live their lives on-the-go, ready to take control of their gut health, and ready to feel lighter, confident and happy in their own skins!

I am on a mission to empower you to understand the roots of your discomforts, to take control of your gut health and to connect with your own uniqueness so that you can make simple, real, sustainable lifestyle changes to healthier happier you.

My food philosophy is to cook fresh, organic or local, plant based, gluten free, mostly dairy free meals that include fiber, fat, protein and an explosion of flavors and colors a bite at a time, little by little.
Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner
Culinary Nutrition Expert badge

I provide group and one-on-one programs

5 Days

It’s time for 5 Days Group Summer Cleanse! Slim down and Reinvigorate Your Digestive Health in 5 days! 


5 Días
Detox de Verano

¡Limpia tu energía ahora con una nutritiva sopa de temporada, ensalada, batido y fiesta de jugos en 5 días!


Personalized 8 Weeks Program​ - gut healing protocol by Stef Chuecos, Healthy Little by Little

8 Weeks

Personalized and individually tailored 8 weeks program for anyone who needs special motivation and support throughout the healing journey.

Stef Chuecos cooking class NYC NJ gut healing recipes Healthy Little by Little


Learn to cook recipes designed to tackle different conditions or cleansing different organs and systems to help your body reach its ultimate functioning.
Heroine’s Journey Women Retreat New York


Heroine’s Journey themed Women Retreat is an opportunity to pause, reevaluate and get back to your True Feminine Self, into the Path of Wholeness.

I am on a mission to help you understand your body and why it might be feeling this way.


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Guide to Making the Right Smoothies and Juices that Actually Work

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5 Days Guide to Kick out Your Caffeine Habit eBook

Join me in 5 Days No Coffee Challenge