Welcome to The Heroine’s Journey Project

Do you spread yourself so thin to please everyone, but feel like you have NO time to take care of yourself? Don’t know how to look after yourself or you feel guilty just thinking about putting yourself first?


Stef Chuecos

I’m Stef a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, a passionate educator and a culinary enthusiast. 

I am on a mission to empower you to understand the roots of your discomforts, to take control of your gut health and to connect with your own uniqueness so that you can make simple, real, sustainable lifestyle changes to healthier happier you, little by little. 


Cami Carbone

Camila Carbone

I’m Camila, I enjoy creating and being in touch with everything related to living happily. I am a designer, Yôga & meditation instructor and Yôga doula. Professions that changed with me along the years. I few years ago I redirected all my energy to use my experience in these areas to the empowerment of the feminine. A topic that followed me since my very adolescence. It was time to share The Heroine’s Journey with other women! I am fascinated by the moon, rituals and tarot, tools that I use for myself and to guide my classes and workshops.

The Heroine’s Journey Project is a collaborative effort to host a workshop style community for women who want to transform, aling and connect with the cycles of nature and the energies available using the Heroine’s Journey as a map.

Wait but, what is the Heroine’s journey?

It’s a search towards integration and feminine empowerment. An integration of the rejected or devalued parts of ourselves and our emotions. The journey allows us to claim them, experience them and live fully.

It has stages/seasons and archetypes that tell a story. The story then functions as a guide or map. It serves as a model or universal pattern that guides us to where to go to achieve that integration and empowerment. Healing that inner wound between us, women and our feminine nature.

Join us as we learn how to navigate this map while working with the natural energies available, seasonal food and herbs and connecting to the cosmos & archetypes of humanity to help build a better life for ourselves and our communities.

This is for you if you’re called to find your voice, transform, reclaim your power and remember our connection with nature and the cosmos.

Ok, so how do I do that?

Join us for an entire year, a season, a month or even an individual workshop!

Join the Heroine’s Journey Project

What if you could feel grounded, guided & connected to nature and the energies available, everyday?

You can learn to do this and we can help!

What to expect during this year-long journey?

You’ll learn how to synchronize with the power of your own cycle, the cycles of nature, so your life feels like swimming with the current and not against it.

Now that we have a map to guide us, we are less likely to think we are lost when we are facing a difficult moment in life. Even in the darkest moments we are not off track at all.

How can we experience this?

  • During each season (lasting 3 months) you’ll have access to live workshops* that will help you channel the energy of each phase of the journey. You can expect these workshops to be interactive with other like minded women and will include rituals, food, herbs and Yôga practices.
  • You’ll practice techniques that include visualizations and meditations connected to the cycles of the moon, its astrological sign and tarot card.
  • You’ll participate in workshops that honor nature rhythms in 8 sacred celebrations along the year to help you embrace the spiral of birth and rebirth.
  • You’ll experience the power of nourishing, seasonal foods and herbs to revitalize your body.

*The replay will be available for monthly, seasonal and annual members*

If you got this far, commit here and now not to ignore the opportunity to be an active participant in your journey. The door is knocking, we know that you can do this because it is part of our blueprint, there is no way to fail – just answer the call, open the door!


Join the Heroine’s Journey Project

The Heroine's Journey Agenda

SPRING – The Heroine’s Journey: The Beginning
During this phase, we’ll explore what happens when you realize that you are not living in a deep connection with your wild nature and by recognizing this we open the portal to the adventure of this journey to the integration of our own selves.

Also, Spring is the perfect time to cleanse. It offers the chance to RENEW & PURIFY. It’s the season traditionally associated with starting fresh. It is time for new beginnings and to answer the call. During this time you’ll learn the key foods and herbs to cleanse two major elimination organs – Liver and the Gallbladder. Spring is connected to the wood element, also a time to work on the connection between liver and anger. Join us in this season!

Join us in this season!


  • March 2nd: Lunar Yôga – New moon in Piscis
  • March 12th: “The Beginning of the Journey” Phase Workshop
  • March 18th: Lunar Yôga – Full moon in Virgo
  • March 21st: Ostara Celebration Free Workshop
  • March 26th: Nature Based Nourishing Foods Workshop


  • April 1st: Lunar Yôga – New moon in Aries
  • April 9th: The Heroine’s Journey Yoga Practice with visualization
  • April 16th: Lunar Yôga – Full moon in Libra
  • April 23rd: Seasonal Ritual Workshop
  • April 30th: Luna Yôga – New moon in Taurus


  • May 1st: Beltane Free Celebration Workshop
  • May 14th: Herbal wisdom Workshop
  • May 16th: Lunar Yôga – Full moon in Scorpio
  • May 28th: The Call Portal Workshop
  • May 30th: Lunar Yôga – New moon in Gemini

Payment Plans:

  • Annual Plan: $480
  • 3 Months Plan (Quarterly): $149
  • Monthly: $60
  • Per Workshop: $20 - NO REPLAY AVAILABLE

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