Heal your gut, regain focus & lose weight!


I am a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner

I am passionate about working with motivated and busy women that live their lives on-the-go, ready to take control of their gut health, and ready to feel lighter, confident and happy in their own skins; ready just like YOU!


Heal Your Gut, Regain Focus & Lose Weight

Feeling tired of wasting time and tons of money jumping from diet to diet, and continue to feel bloated, inflamed after every meal no matter what you eat?

This is your opportunity to get ready to stop eating the foods that are slowing you down, those extra treats and calories, and feeling like you’re a sloth, very slow, confused and like a bear storing food, fuel and body fat for winter.

The process of restoring your body to an optimal, functional state should not be complicated, and it shouldn’t derail you from achieving your goals.

But let’s keep it real – the path to healthier, successful symptom-free you is SIMPLE. It is not on a straight line and it will not be a quick fix, but it will be WORTH IT. 


Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner
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Learn how your body works & how to care for it properly



In functional nutrition we want to get to the roots of your discomfort - in order to do that we need to understand that there are myriad factors which are singular to you.


Restoring GUT Health!

We will restore Gut Health by eliminating inflammatory foods as we follow recipes according to my tested and proven gut-healing philosophy. Reducing bloating and digestive discomforts is our goal!


Welcome healing liquids

We will say Bye Bye to Dairy and incorporate healing liquids such as healing herbs and essential oils to help in our gut healing process. Also, we will focus on meditation, movement and visualization.


Sayonara inflammation

And hello self care week! We will focus on cleansing the body and giving our digestive system a true break. Discover ways to re align with yourself by creating self caring habits.


Celebration and Next Steps

We will awaken the healthier version of yourself and celebrate its existence. It is a week of acknowledging how far we have come and celebrate our commitment to ourselves.


The What is It?

The 5 Week Program is designed to reinforce the concepts of gut health with a focus on revitalizing and healing our colon and lungs. According to Ayurveda, it is a time for warming nourishing foods and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is also the season, to retrieve, to grieve, let go of the old and prepare the terrain for new things to be born.

In this 5 week Program you’ll tap into your ability to rejuvenate, inspire and renovate yourself and your immunity for the upcoming holiday season.

The program is not just about recipes and diet – it is a more holistic and comprehensive approach to help you eliminate gut discomforts, regain focus and lose weight in the process.


What you’ll experience?

  • Put an end to allergy symptoms like headaches, chronic coughs and nasal congestion
  • Decrease your gas and bloating
  • Reduce your blood sugar and deflate internal inflammation
  • Alleviate irritable bowel flares and get your body’s toxins moving out!
  • Understand why your external glow is related to your internal cleanliness
  • Feel focused, leaner, & grounded within days
  • Reveal healthier, softer and younger looking skin
  • Support the relief of digestive discomforts such as constipation, acid reflux (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, and colitis
  • A better understanding of how your body works and how to care for it properly

Your investment

  • 5+ Masterclasses (recorded) with teachings about gut health, inflammatory foods and what you need to know about gut health, focus and losing weight.
  • Healthie app for accountability 24/7.
  • 30 min Q&A session via whatsapp twice a week.
  • Private Facebook group to join a community of like minded people
  • Daily protocol for the entire 5 week.
  • Special breathing techniques, workouts and journaling to anchor the changes in habits.
  • Delicious recipe packet according to my food philosophy: to cook fresh, organic or local, plant based, gluten free, dairy free meals that include fiber, fat, protein and an explosion of flavors and colors a bite at a time, little by little.
  • Shopping list for foods and suggested supplements.
  • Handouts to help guide you through the program.
  • The WHYs and instructions to purchase of any suggested supplements.
  • 30 min free end-of-class consultation with me to address any questions on next steps.

What do my clients say?


Next edition

  • When: The program starts with access to the membership area, a class to introduce materials and the next steps.
  • Group Program Dates: November 2nd to December 6th, 2020
  • Investment: only $275
  • Presale Clients: $225 until November 1st, 2020 only

Refund policy

I want you to be happy with your Program so I offer a full refund minus a cancellation fee at the end of the 5 WEEK PROGRAM – HEAL YOUR GUT REGAIN FOCUS & LOSE WEIGHT FALL PROGRAM. You may request a full refund if you have followed your protocol ( including all meals, homework, participated in the healthie app and group calls) for the entire duration of the program. You will need to send an e-mail explaining the reason that you are not satisfied to info@healthylittlebylittle.com


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