Nutrition coach blog - stomachache

  Identify what is the part of your body that hurts so that you can be closer to understanding what is going on in your Gut and steps to heal it! ​


Blog post about constipation: symptoms, common causes, lifestyle treatment, food treatment, supplements

This video is ALL about Pooping! And Constipation : Symptoms, Common Causes, Lifestyle Treatment, Food Treatment, Supplements!

Leaky Gut Cocktail

Leaky Gut Cocktail recipe by Healthy Little by Little

Do you suffer from Leaky Gut? Here are some of the symptoms, the causes and how to create a Leaky Gut Cocktail- (hint – it includes aloe vera ;)). 

Story of My Life

How to improve your gut health naturally by Stef Chuecos, Healthy Little by Little

Hi Ladies! My name is Stef Chuecos, Holistic practitioner, functional nutritionist educator, and your number 1 fan! I am an advocate of those women who are passionate about their lives and will make sure they will be their HEALTHIEST SELF in a natural way!

Guide to Making the Right Smoothies and Juices that Actually Work

Get a new tool to regain your health and nourish your body!