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Enjoy One Week of Easy & Nourishing Foods & activities to restore health through your Body, Mind,  & Soul!

Are your clothes might be feeling tight and unflattering after the holidays? You might feel bloated and that your pants getting tight around the waist. Also, you might be feeling low on energy, mood swings or even fear of what is head in the new year.

The reason might not be only the food we ate during the Holidays, but also, the fact that we might have been spreading ourselves too thing during the season or just months of non-stop stressful activities and nutritional stress ( vitamin and mineral deficiencies).

If you ask me, in the future – stress may be discovered as the primary contributing cause of most disease. All parts of the body are affected by stress but the digestive tract is the most easily influenced.

This is WHY in winter we need to take 5 days (at least) to focus on cleansing our kidneys and nurturing our adrenals with an Anti Stress, Nurturing Protocol to Reduce inflammation, revitalize our bodies and boost our immune system!

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Cleanse Your Body For The Season

The Protocol

- Removal of inflammatory and difficult to digest foods,
- Introducing fiber,
- Adding healing agents to support regeneration of our organs,
- Detoxifying

Morning rituals

- Connecting to your body
- Breathing and meditation techniques

Evening rituals

- Connecting you mind and soul
- Recognizing our feelings and emotions (journaling)


The What is It?

I’am extremely excited to share this new recipes, habits and my experience with you, your family and friends.

Let’s give our body the relief it needs from our overworked and fast paced lives and help our digestive system, adrenals, and kidneys this winter.

I will be there to hold your hand every step of the way – there is no way you will fail! Every step you take is a step forward to a healthier you and I will help you get there little by little.

Join Now – spots are limited for this cleanse!


It's your remedy for renewal!

A cleanse is your opportunity to slow down, to quiet what’s coming into your body, and to activate your systems of detoxification and elimination. The inflammatory foods go out.

The nourishing, supportive, and nutrient-dense foods come in. This ultimately results in the benefits you desire: clarity, focus, intention, decreased cravings, balance, and renewed energy.

Yet let’s face it: winter is a tough time to cleanse! Fortunately, winter offers us the rooted and prevailing fruits and vegetables that are just what your body needs for conducive and comforting detoxification.

Winter is the time to focus on one of your major organs of elimination ~ the kidneys and its comrades the bladder and the adrenal glands ~ which may be overworked and fatigued in our fast-paced lives. 


Your investment

  • 60-minute class (recorded) about how to nurture your adrenal health, kidneys & strengthen your immune system.
  • Daily protocol with weekly delicious seasonal gluten free, dairy free and plant based easy recipes to follow and cook.
  • Suggested supplements and herbs to help specifically during this period.
  • Accountability 24/7 and access to me via the Healthie app.
  • A supporting community to keep each other motivated via whatsapp (optional).
  • Healthy habits that can be implemented little by little during the week.
  • Techniques that will incorporate your body, mind and soul in the cleanse to make it sustainable (crystals, meditation, and essential oils are optional)

Learning is the key to sustained change!

In the recorded Masterclass you’ll learn…

  • How and why to cleanse your body for the season
  • Top foods to boost your body’s ability to detoxify, feel lean, and recapture energy and what is going on in your body once you eat them
  • Which herbs and supplements act to boost your immunity, decrease inflammation, and increase the elimination of toxins
  • How to feel nourished even while cleansing
  • What additional practices to engage in throughout the cleanse to amplify your body’s ability to detoxify

What do my clients say?


Next edition

  • It's all from the comfort of your very own home!
  • We begin on January 20, 2020
  • Price: $77 (20% off its regular price $97)

Refund policy

I want you to be happy with your Program so I offer a full refund minus a cancellation fee at the end of the 5 DAYS CLEANSE PROGRAM. You may request a full refund if you have followed your protocol ( including all meals, homework, participated in the healthie app and group calls) for the entire duration of the program. You will need to send an e-mail explaining the reason that you are not satisfied to info@healthylittlebylittle.com


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