Establish gut healthy habits, get relief from discomforts & lose weight!


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I am passionate about working with motivated and busy women that live their lives on-the-go, ready to take control of their gut health, and ready to feel lighter, confident and happy in their own skins; ready just like YOU!


Establish gut healthy habits, get relief from discomforts & lose weight!

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin?
Do you feel like you have tried SO many different diets, and still struggle to feel healthy?
If you have ever felt this way, you’re not alone.
But WHY is this happening?!
Well, we live in an age where everything is “convenient” and “instant;” the concept of health has been distorted by quick-weight-loss diets and miracle pills. We need to make a change, and to make it sustainable.
This online program is designed to help you heal your gut, by connecting you to what your body needs. This is a step-by-step, online program to feeling light and energized, while nurturing your happy and healthy self.
Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner
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Commit to the lifestyle change and get the results


There will be a constitution assessment and get to the root of your gut imbalances to truly personalized your plan.

Weekly meal plans

You will be receiving a weekly meal plans, shopping lists and action plan - these will all be tailored according to your own body constitution to help you feel lighter, energized and in control of your own health.

Unlimited accountablity

We will have an app so we can be accountable by messaging of food, exercise, metrics tracking, and give you access to some educational videos.


The What is It?

It is not about giving up all on your life to heal your gut.
It is not about one type diet of unflavored raw vegetables all day long.
Its about truly connecting to what is good for you!
It is about loving and putting yourself first without guilt!
This online program is designed to help you heal your gut, by connecting you to what your body needs and fix the way you eat and make it sustainable based on these three things:
UNDERSTANDING: By taking the time to identify what is good for your own, unique body, (This step is a big one!)
CONNECTING: By listening to your body, and connecting to the foods and eating habits that can be tailored to it.
TRUSTING: By trusting your intuition you can learn what nurtures you, and what you can let go of. (It is called “gut feeling” for a reason!)

What you’ll experience?

  • Connect to what is truly nurturing and good for your body.
  • Learn about the key supplements to aid your digestive health.
  • Know the reasons why to avoid gluten and understand how it affects your digestive system.
  • Remove bloating discomfort gas and heartburn.
  • Body and Emotional Cleansing: Purify your body from physical and emotional toxins
  • Increase your levels of energy and stop feeling like a zombie.
  • Stop your dependence on sugar and processed foods for good.
  • Identify what makes you “Go” and make pooping a pleasant experience (yes I said pooping!)
  • Learn fool-proof ways to help you control binge-eating and create a healthy relationship with food.
  • Master breathing and physical techniques to get your digestive system moving.
  • Have an ally (and your biggest cheerleader) through this process (Yep that would be me!)

Your investment

  • Personalized: Functional Nutrition Timeline, Matrix and Action Plan
  • Weekly meal plans, shopping lists work outs and healing mind shifting techniques according to my food philosophy*
  • Unlimited accountability (messaging of food, exercise, metrics tracking, access to some educational videos)

What do my clients say?


Next edition

  • When: Whenever you're ready!
  • Investment: only $295 one-time payment

Refund policy

I want you to be happy with your Program so I offer a full refund minus a cancellation fee at the end of the PERSONALIZED  8 WEEKS PROGRAM. You may request a full refund if you have followed your protocol ( including all meals, homework, participated in the healthie app and group calls) for the entire duration of the program. You will need to send an e-mail explaining the reason that you are not satisfied to


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