Hello, Beautiful. I’m Stef Chuecos.

I’m a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Certified Health Coach.

I work with passionate ladies whose health issues, such as bloating, indigestion, skin breakouts, low energy, reflux, and other symptoms of unhealthy gut stand in a way of fulfilling their dreams.


Get ready to take control of your gut health

I am on a mission to empower you to understand the roots of your discomforts, to take control of your gut health and to connect with your own uniqueness so that you can make simple, real, sustainable lifestyle changes to healthier happier you.

My food philosophy is to cook fresh, organic or local, plant based, gluten free, mostly dairy free meals that include fiber, fat, protein and an explosion of flavors and colors a bite at a time, little by little.
Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner
Culinary Nutrition Expert badge
Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert graduated with honors

How restoring my gut health journey started

For some time, I have dreamed of creating a GOOD and HEALTHY relationship with food. I had always sensed (even before my training), that the way I ate was correlated to the way I felt, and that there had to be a way for me to successfully balance my digestive health, but I did not know where to start.

I thought I had to work out and run for hours and hours every day to reach my ideal weight. I was constantly comparing myself to other “skinny” girls that could eat anything without feeling pain, and trying to do the same to fit in. Long-story short: nothing good comes out of comparing yourself to other people; especially when you try to blindly follow a diet trend (believe me – I have tried plenty of yo-yo diets, quick loss diets, juice cleanses; etc.) and I would always find myself back starting from scratch.

“I jumped into finding ways to start healing myself with food, but it was too confusing; there was a lot of contradictory information laying around, and I felt disappointed. I only saw little to no-change in my body.”

Healing yourself with food is confusing

After meeting a lot of inspiring people, I realized that taking control of my health and eating habits was not about following every hot, new diet, and that there is not a “perfect food plan” that fits everyone.

I jumped into finding ways to start healing myself with food, but it was too confusing; there was a lot of contradictory information laying around, and I felt disappointed. I only saw little to no-change in my body.

All this frustration, combined with the fact that I had just moved to New York City, out of my parents’ house (miles and miles away), to start a very stressful and demanding job in finance. A year into my new position, here I was; weighing more than I have ever had and having acid reflux, constipation, and stomach pain almost every day. I felt depressed, sorry for myself and very lonely.


Back to zero many times! I couldn’t possibly do this alone!

Thus, I began my new routine of waking-up, and feeling like nothing could get better for me. I would buy bigger clothes and begin taking antacids and laxatives every day. Insecure about the way I looked and felt, I didn’t even want to go out with my friends. There was no spark in me, no energy – I simply felt like a zombie.

After months of this insane routine I said: Enough is enough. I am meant to live my life passionately, I am meant to be my healthiest self, and to be an inspiration to my family and other professional women out there that feel like they need to give everything up for their work, while forgetting to take care of themselves.

“It was time to disinvite myself from the pity party, and regain control of my health! Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely.”

Where has my healing process taken me?

  • Intention: I made a vow to truly stay connected to myself and only make conscious loving decisions when it comes to myself
  • Passion: I started following my heart which has led me to my passion for holistic health and ancient medicine
  • Mentors: I studied at the Academy of Healing Nutrition in New York, Functional Nutrition Alliance, Academy of Culinary Education and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Ayurveda. I met incredible mentors and digestive experts that guided me through my process.
  • Accountability: I had someone holding my hand through every step of my process; keeping me accountable for my goals and my progress. This was incredibly helpful!

How does improving your gut health really look like?

  • Healing our gut is not about eating raw unsavory salads all day long
  • Following a meal plan is not always enough!
  • It can get challenging: you must have the right motivation to stay on track
  • You can’t heal your gut if you don’t know how to communicate with your body and understand it
  • Quick fixes and yo-yo diets are not the way to go
  • Support does not always come from our friends and family – sometimes it might take them longer to understand what you have learned.

“I created a life and gut that I am (healthily) obsessed with.”

My food philosophy

My food philosophy is to cook fresh, organic or local, plant based, gluten free, mostly dairy free meals that include fiber, fat, protein and an explosion of flavors and colors a bite at a time, little by little.
Throughout my own healing and food journey I have discovered that my body thrives with plant based, cooked meals that are easy to digest. I am thankful for having access to organic local, seasonal vegetables and fruits and my dream will be to eventually harvest my own food. I love mixing herbs and spices as well as textures to my meals as I think it makes the experience interesting and flavorful. I keep all of this in mind when selecting recipes for my clients. 
Also, from my experience of years of working with clients  like you, I know that the best way to help you truly change your lifestyle is by incorporating healthier habits little by little. My goal is to teach you how you can too incorporate different home cooked meals and new ingredients little by little. Lastly, for our digestive system to work in the most efficient manner, it is key to take the time to get the gastric juices going and in order to do that we should engage our senses before starting to eat. The aroma of our meal,  how irresistible it looks, and to set up an intention. Also, to improve our digestion process – it is important to chew our food thoroughly – this I why – my food philosophy includes enjoying a flavorful meal, including our 5 senses a bite at a time. 

“Don’t worry you are not alone –
I know exactly where you are coming from!”

Let's work together!

I am fiercely passionate about not letting women give up and to provide them the support, guidance, and tools to keep fighting to feel and be the best that they can be, both at work and when it comes to their health.

Because as women, I believe that we are stronger than ever, that we have the tools to step up and raise our standards to live free of gut pain. 


I provide group and one-on-one programs

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It’s time for 5 Days Group Summer Cleanse! Slim down and Reinvigorate Your Digestive Health in 5 days! 


5 Days Winter Program Cleanse by Stef Chuecos, Healthy Little by Little

5 Weeks

5 Week Winter Program is designed to help you reduce Inflammation, Stress, and Feel Energized after the Holidays!


Personalized 8 Weeks Program​ - gut healing protocol by Stef Chuecos, Healthy Little by Little

8 Weeks

Personalized and individually tailored 8 weeks program for anyone who needs special motivation and support throughout the healing journey.

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Learn to cook recipes designed to tackle different conditions or cleansing different organs and systems to help your body reach its ultimate functioning.
Heroine’s Journey Women Retreat New York


Heroine’s Journey themed Women Retreat is an opportunity to pause, reevaluate and get back to your True Feminine Self, into the Path of Wholeness.


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